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What IS a Graphic Designer?

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You need a logo. Maybe some brochures, business cards, maybe a website. You know about design. Designers…design things, right? Make things pretty? Make things “pop”? Because popcorn isn’t the only thing that pops! Graphic design? Web design? Is that the same thing? Can someone be a graphic AND a web designer? Do designers DRAW things for a living?

Yes. But not likely.

A graphic designer works mostly on designing logos and printed materials. If you need to start a new business, or rebrand your current business, you’d get your logo designed, then move on to business cards, stationery, a brochure or direct mail piece to send out. Maybe posters to decorate the office. Vinyl graphics to put on walls. Banners and trade show materials are also included in what a graphic designer does. Pretty much any piece of marketing material that can be held in your hand to read, or physically take up space, a graphic designer has worked on it. Some graphic designers also know how to build web sites, but most of the time people like to stick what they do best and enjoy doing the most.

A graphic designer can design a website, but a web designer would actually code and build it. So web designers should probably be called web builders. This can be compared to an interior designer decorating your home, helping you pick out furniture and paint colors. A builder would build your house; make the frame, add the walls, windows, roof. There are people out there that can design a website and build it, but don’t expect that to be the norm.

Graphic designers are also often confused with fine artists or illustrators. No, we do not paint or draw all day. If you wanted a logo to have a cartoon character, or some special drawing, you’d most like need an illustrator to draw it, and then a graphic designer would add text and convert it to a print-friendly format. The main difference between a fine artist and a graphic designer is the motivation behind creating the work. A graphic designer has to take into consideration the client’s request, who the target audience is, budget, and many other limitations. A fine artist may not have these restrictions, and the work they create is based on an internal force vs. an external one.

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